Residential & commercial electrical service provider to the greater Sacramento Area.


Magic Sun Electric is a residential and commercial electrical service company that specializes in energy efficiency lighting, installations, repairs and troubleshooting.

As a customer, you will receive prompt, courteous service by professionals that are honest and not paid on commission. We will always give you, the customer, options for solutions to your electrical challenges that are both cost effective and quality solutions. MSE also stands behind the work performed and if its not right, we will make it right.

Like our solar division, Magic Sun Solar, we strive for and maintain spotless reviews from previous customers posted to our Yelp pages. Let us prove it to you, call us today and see for yourself!

Residential and Commercial Electrical Service Company.

Energy efficient lighting, installations, repairs and troubleshooting

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Do You Need a New Electrical Service Panel?

Constantly tripping circuit breakers

When a panel begins to wear down, it will be more susceptible to power surges through the wires, and will start to disconnect circuits more often. This can also happen because your home energy needs have surpassed the capacity of the service panel.

Evidence of electrical fires in the panel

Wires that wear down inside an electrical panel can create fires. These often quickly burn themselves out, but they will leave behind signs that they’ve occurred.

Breakers will not remain reset

Resetting a tripped breaker should take care of a problem under normal circumstances. But if you discover that a reset circuit breaker in the panel won’t stay reset, or it does not restore power, then you may have a faulty service panel.

If you still have an old fuse box rather than a modern service panel with circuit breakers, then you definitely need to have a replacement: fuse boxes are out of date and insufficient for modern electrical needs.

Fast repair of electrical service panel problems.